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  • Are Imports Better Than U.S. Cars?

    The preverbal question - with all the news in the last months about "cash for clunkers" (which cost the taxpayer $24,000 per car great program) and which manufacturers really benefited from the program it would appear that the Asian car companies reaped the most benefit selling the most cars. Why is it that this occurred? Price? Warranty? Design? Technology? Are Imports better than U.S. cars? Flash back to March 1959 the pages of MOTOR LIFE magazine were they too asked this preverbal question and also published a 30 Imported Car Road Tests Reviewed which the magazine or affiliates took from the previous 2 years of road tests for these cars. Americans at this time had not yet embraced imported cars as they have today. Very interesting to see what was being imported to the public in 1959!!! Current fans of mini or micro cars will find some of the classics and novelties within.

  • Automotive Illustrations from the 50's and 60's: Part One

    Before computers and Computer Aided Design software there where Illustrators who graced the pages of automotive magazines. These technical drawings and design drawings are superb and growing up inspired me as much as "Big Daddy Roth" (see an earlier post here "Rat Rods part 2 - Rat Fink) did to explore the world through drawing especially cars, motorcycles, and planes.