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    With the annual trek to Daytona upon me I did a little research and found this wonderful article from Sports Car Graphic August 1959 about the track that was worth recreating in honor of this auspicious race and the prophetic words of the author in the closing line of the article "Daytona is a great course, a tremendous contribution to racing which may not be appreciated fully for several more years". The Rolex 24 at Daytona is the kick off race for the American motorsports racing season and always an exciting time. Last year I was able to document Hypersport Racing (now Dempsey Racing) and their team of great guys including Patrick Dempsey (s. earlier post). This year I hope shoot for another team which my friend Romeo Kapudija will be driving for.( TBA). In any case it will be GREAT to get out of this horrible winter weather and get down to the BEACH.