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    While recreating the prior post on Ferrari from the November 1968 Sports Car Graphic a subsequent article "How To Build A Ferrari Engine" was so interesting I could not pass up posting it for fellow freaks - the photos are alone worth a look. I also posted a couple of great shorts on Ferrari Factory tours that are very interesting.


    FROM FRANCESCO BARACCA, TO DIRT ROADS, TO AUTODROMI, TO AUTOSTRADE - THE STORY OF THE PRANCING HORSE. Ferrari is for sure one of the worlds most recognizable brands and they deserve all the praise and accolades they receive for the incredible cars they design and build. So when I came across this article in Sports Car Graphic November 1968 I thought it would be worthy of recreation here and sharing with those of you who are also interested in sports car racing of the past - looking at the man who made his cars so famous and all of us yearning for one.

  • ROAD TEST/21-62 SHELBY AC COBRA Road Test and Technical Report

    The follow up article to the May look at the prototype again John Christy highly praises on the pages of Sports Car Graphic August 1962 and gives us a road test and technical report on the production model of the Shelby AC Cobra. You have to LOVE the opening quote from the article "GO AHEAD, put your boot in it," said Carrol Shelby, your not going to hurt it that way!"

  • Carroll Shelby's 260 cubic inch AC Cobra

    Here it is the original article a "Driver's Report" from Sports Car Graphic May 1962 by John Christy recreated. Christy good friend and reputed drinking buddy of Shelby's got first shot on the reporting about his new prototype. In a prior post "Double Test: 427 Cobras for Street and Competition" SCG November 1965 Shelby lets Christy have first access to the new 427 version of the Cobra well worth reading for Cobra enthusiasts.

  • O.S.C.A. spells Maserati

    The Fratelli Maserati sold their name but kept their talent. Stepping back into the 50's this recreated article from Sports Cars Illustrated, February 1959 shows the sports car racing legend Maserati as they strode toward modernizing their race cars and stepping into the future of road racing through design and technical changes. The OSCA 1100 featured is the forerunner of many of the most well known Maserati sports racing cars of the 1960's both sculptural, nimbal, and very fast for it's 4 cylinder engine.

  • LOLA 70 (Lola T70)

    It's one of Britain's new breed of American-engined Tigers! Another of history's most beautiful sports racing cars featured in a technical report found in Sports Car Graphic August 1965 written by John Blunsden in incredible detail and technical insight and recreated here. Eric Broadley founded Lola Racing Cars in 1961. He was involved with Ford in developing the GT40 and many other memorable race cars especially in the the Formula classes. Lola is still an ever present force in many racing series today.

  • Ford Fairlane Lola GT

    "Here's the full story on the most sensational Grand Touring car of 1963"! Is this the forerunner of the GT40? There are similar design cues and information on the Ford Fairlane Lola GT (later known as the Lola Mk6 GT) is hard to find - it seems to have slipped away into history - only to be found on the pages of out-of-print sports car magazines and the corners of the internet. Very technical article - well worth the read if you are a GT fan. 1963 was a turning point for road racing as cars shifted from front engines to mid-engines and there chassis also evolved to meet new challenges. This article is recreated from Sports Car Graphic, May 1963 by John Blunsden - photos: John Blunsden & Geoffrey Goddard

  • Ford GT 40

    Ford GT 40: If you're looking for the ultimate in status symbols, a personally-fitted Ford GT 40 for everyday use is it! This article is recreated from Sports Car Graphic May 1966 by John Blunsden who has written many books about cars and writes this article in a quirky satirical style.

  • Double Test: 427 Cobras for Street & Competition

    a recreated article originally published by Sports Car Graphic magazine November 1965


    With the annual trek to Daytona upon me I did a little research and found this wonderful article from Sports Car Graphic August 1959 about the track that was worth recreating in honor of this auspicious race and the prophetic words of the author in the closing line of the article "Daytona is a great course, a tremendous contribution to racing which may not be appreciated fully for several more years". The Rolex 24 at Daytona is the kick off race for the American motorsports racing season and always an exciting time. Last year I was able to document Hypersport Racing (now Dempsey Racing) and their team of great guys including Patrick Dempsey (s. earlier post). This year I hope shoot for another team which my friend Romeo Kapudija will be driving for.( TBA). In any case it will be GREAT to get out of this horrible winter weather and get down to the BEACH.

  • Jim Hall's New Chaparral 2-C

    The 'old' Chaparrals were just about Jim Hall has built a new, improved model! One of history's most beautiful sports racing cars ever featured in a technical report found in Sports Car Graphic January 1966 and recreated here. Jim Hall designed some of the most amazing cars and was far ahead of his time. His place in motor sports history came as the owner and driving force of Chaparral Cars of Midland, Texas.


    What a great magazine Sports Car Graphic was. The issues I have found and read abound with the greatest sports car coverage in the late 50's through the 60's into the 70's. The Shelby fan that I am I stumbled across yet another article to recreate this one on Pete Brock who was instrumental in the design of the Daytona Coupe. His genius also helped Superformance recreate the Daytona Coupe a few years back. He is an American legend visit his website

  • TRACK TEST: Ford GT 40

    From the pages of Sports Car Graphic October 1965 a recreated article of a Special Track Test of the first Ford GT 40's. My continued interest in these cars led me to this article where the street version is about to be offered for sale and is tested on the track. The test car they used was known as the "roadster". Other GT40 related articles can be found in my 9/29/08 post of Sports Car Graphic May 1966 the final version of the street car as well as a post from 10/11/09 Kohler International Challenge with Brian Redman 2009 where the GT 40's where the featured car of the weekend of vintage motor racing.


    In the beginning there was the Daytona Continental which evolved into a 24 hour race and today while Continental still sponsors a race the 24 hour race now belongs to Rolex. This article recreated from Sports Car Graphic May 1966 gives great background and insight into the begins and transformation of these races. Please read my earlier post on the creation of Daytona International Speedway if you are interested in the building of the racetrack "Daytona: Is It Too Hot To Handel?"

  • Automotive Illustrations from the 50's and 60's:Part Three

    In part Three of Automotive Illustrations the focus will be on design drawings for concepts as well as restyling something which was a huge part of the automotive scene in the late fifties early sixties. Remember there where no computers at the time to draw with.

  • Automotive Illustrations from the 50's and 60's: Part One

    Before computers and Computer Aided Design software there where Illustrators who graced the pages of automotive magazines. These technical drawings and design drawings are superb and growing up inspired me as much as "Big Daddy Roth" (see an earlier post here "Rat Rods part 2 - Rat Fink) did to explore the world through drawing especially cars, motorcycles, and planes.